People not politicians should decide our future with the European Union

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Order leaflets


Order leaflets for an EU referendum


Half an MP leaflet cover
With just a few months now until what is likely to be the closest-fought general election in a generation, help us to encourage MPs and candidates to back an EU referendum by joining in with our new leafleting campaign.
We have printed a new supply of our popular 'Half an MP' leaflet (pictured right) making the case for an EU referendum.
But we need your help to distribute them as far and wide as possible, raising awareness and support for our EU referendum campaign.
If you can help, please fill in the form below to order as many free leaflets as you can distribute.
Whether you can pass a few copies around your contacts, leave a few at your workplace, or deliver them through letterboxes in your area, we would be very pleased to send you as many as you can use.

Half our laws

This attention-grabbing leaflet explains the extent of the EU's influence over how we are governed.
It is based on a House of Commons Library research paper (Number 10/62, October 2010 - pdf) showing half our laws now have their origins in EU institutions.
It's an extraordinary fact, from a reputable, independent study.


Some will think this is an acceptable 'pooling' of sovereignty - others an unacceptable threat to democracy. But it is the scale of the EU's role today in making our laws that provides such a strong case for an EU referendum.

Only through such a vote can people be given a proper, democratic choice between either legitimising this situation, or reducing the EU's powers.

It's crucially important that people as far and wide as possible read this campaign message.
And it's especially potent to do this now - at a time when politicians will be desperately seeking votes.

Leafleting is very effective campaign activity. It:-

  • raises the profile of the EU referendum issue
  • provides arguments to support an EU vote
  • identifies new supporters and activists for our campaign, which
  • increases pressure on MPs and candidates at this vital political moment.
You don't need to post leaflets door-to-door in local streets, though that's a great way to spread the word and we can certainly supply you with leaflets to do this, if you would like to.

Just passing a few leaflets around family, friends and workmates would make a big difference. A campaign's message is especially powerful if it is delivered by someone the recipient knows.

Just fill in the form below to let us know how many leaflets you would find useful and the address to send them to. We'll do the rest!

Thank you for your support.


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