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EU Referendum Bill - EU Referendum Bill

People not politicians should decide our future with the European Union

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  • stuart hutton - Ross, Skye and Lochaber
  • clive thompson - Hazel Grove
  • Jill De Quincey - Cities of London and Westminster
  • Stuart Hutton - Ross, Skye and Lochaber
  • DAVID JOHNS - Harrogate and Knaresborough
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EU Referendum Bill

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House of Lords EU Referendum Bill - Lords League Table

last updated: 3 February 2014


The EU Referendum Bill ran out of time during its consideration by the House of Lords on Friday 31st January 2014. Debate in the Lords was halted by the not just unelected, but never-elected, Labour peer Lord Lipsey, who tabled a motion bringing consideration of numerous Lords amendments during the Bill's Committee Stage to a close at 3pm.

Perhaps Lord Lipsey didn't want to miss his afternoon tea. Certainly, he will have known the time implications for the Bill of his effort to close proceedings at 3pm - a move which clashes glaringly with his denials that he opposes an EU referendum and claimed wish to 'improve' the Bill.

Lord Lipsey took it upon himself to scupper a Bill which had received overwhelming backing in the House of Commons and whose purpose was supported by a large marjority of the public.

If you would like to let Lord Lipsey know your thoughts on his actions, his email address is:

The House of Lords has the right and certainly the duty to scrutinise and amend legislation, as a vital check and balance of our democratic system. However, the EU Referendum Bill had already been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny by the House of Commons and a small group of Peers clearly from the outset aimed to sink the Bill.

That's why the People’s Pledge set out to monitor members of the House of Lords who participated in the debates and votes on the EU Referendum Bill, noting in particular which parties, if any, from which they took their whip.

We aimed to establish for the record - as we have now done below - a League Table, should the Bill fail, of those having the biggest role in its demise.

Peers who threatened to endanger the Bill and the prospect of an EU referendum being written into law by tabling malicious amendments or extending the debate over the Bill rose through the ranking; those backing the Bill - such as its sponsor Lord Dobbs and others - were removed or not added.

During the course of the EU Referendum Bill's passage through Parliament, we continued to update the rankings and you can see at the bottom of this page the changes that were made as the League Table evolved.

This list will be maintained as a clear, permanent public record of which members of the House of Lords were most responsible for denying people a vote on Britain's membership of the EU, so that they can be held to account.

Lords League Table >>

This League Table will be reordered in response to further developments in the progress of the EU Referendum Bill through Parliament, such as votes, tabling of amendments, interventions in debates and speeches. See the bottom of this page to find out how this League Table has evolved so far.

1. Lord Lipsey (Lab)
    - for unnecessarily halting debate on the EU Referendum Bill at 3pm, clearly
      in full knowledge of the implications for the Bill of his actions.
    - more information on Lord Lipsey and his interests (UK Parliament website)

2. Lord Foulkes of Cumnock (Lab)

    - for tabling 43 amendments, many contradictory & already rejected by MPs &
      making numerous interventions during the debates

3. Lord Anderson of Swansea (Lab)
    - nearly took top spot due to 24 interventions in last debate & Lord Foulkes
      withdrawing some of his many amendments

4. Lord Kerr of Kinlochard (Cb)
    - for tabling an amendment to remove the deadline 'end 2017' date & threatening to
      revisit it at Report Stage. As he never got the chance, Lord Kerr avoided making
      it to No.1 as most responsible for sinking the Bill.


5. Lord Wigley (PC)
    - for tabling numerous amendments, plus 15 interventions in the 24 Jan debate

6. Lord Hannay of Chiswick (Cb)
    - for backing numerous amendments, plus 12 sometimes long interventions
      in the 24 Jan debate

7. Lord Davies of Stamford (Lab)

=8. Lord Roper (LDem)
=8. Lord Bowness (Con)
=8. Baroness Quin (Lab)

=9. Lord Grenfell (Lab)
=9. Lord Shipley (LDem)
=9. Baroness Suttie (LDem)

=10. Lord Quirk (Cb)
=10. Lord Armstrong of Ilminster (Cb)
=10. Lord Greaves (LDem)

11.  Lord Inglewood (Con)

=12. Lord Kinnock (Lab) - former EU Commissioner
=12. Lord Triesman (Lab)

=13. Lord Turnbull (Cb)
=13. Lord Lester (LDem)
=13. Lord Deben (Con)
=13. Baroness O'Loan (Cb)

14.  Baroness Falkner of Margravine (LDem)
15.  Lord Radice (Lab)
16.  Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton (Lab)
17.  Lord Richard (Lab) - former EU Commissioner
18.  Lord Giddens (Lab)
19.  Lord Taverne (LDem)
20.  Lord Lea of Crondall (Lab)
21.  Lord Liddle (Lab) - former EU Commission adviser
22.  Lord Monks (Lab)
23.  Lord Whitty (Lab)
24.  Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay (LDem)
25.  Lord Tomlinson (Lab)
26.  Baroness Goudie (Lab)

27.  Baroness Royall of Blaisdon (Lab)
28.  Baroness Boothroyd (Cb)
29.  Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean (Lab)
30.  Lord Soley (Lab)
31.  Lord Maclennan of Rogart (LDem) - Convention on the Future of Europe

32.  Baroness Adams of Craigielea (Lab)
33.  Lord Addington (LDem)
34.  Lord Adonis (Lab)
35.  Lord Alli (Lab)
36.  Baroness Andrews (Lab)
37.  Lord Bach (Lab)
38.  Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville (LDem)
39.  Baroness Bakewell (Lab)
40.  Lord Bassam (Lab)
41.  Baroness Benjamin (LDem)
42.  Baroness Blackstone (Lab)
43.  Baroness Bonham-Carter (LDem)
44.  Lord Brennan (Lab)
45.  Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe (Lab)
46.  Lord Brookman (Lab)
47.  Lord Browne of Ladyton (Lab)
48.  Lord Campbell-Savours (Lab)
49.  Lord Carter of Coles (Lab)
50.  Lord Chandos (Lab)
51.  Lord Chidgey (LDem)
52.  Lord Christopher (Lab)
53.  Lord Clarke of Hampstead (Lab)
54.  Lord Clement-Jones (LDem)
55.  Lord Clinton-Davies (Lab)
56.  Lord Collins of Highbury (Lab)
57.  Lord Craig of Radley (Cb)
58.  Baroness Crawley (Lab)
59.  Lord Davies of Coity (Lab)
60.  Lord Davies of Oldham (Lab)
61.  Lord Desai (Lab)
62.  Baroness Donaghy (Lab)
63.  Lord Donoughue (Lab)
64.  Baroness Doocey (LDem)
65.  Baroness Drake (Lab)
66.  Lord Drayson (Lab)
67.  Lord Dubs (Lab)
68.  Lord Elder (Lab)
69.  Earl of Erroll (Cb)
70.  Lord Evans of Temple Guiting (Lab)
71.  Lord Faulkner of Worcester (Lab)
72.  Baroness Gale (Lab)
73.  Baroness Garden of Frognal (LDem)
74.  Lord German (LDem)
75.  Baroness Gibson of Market Rasen (Lab)
76.  Baroness Golding (Lab)
77.  Baroness Gould of Potternewton (Lab)
78.  Baroness Grender (LDem)
79.  Baroness Hamwee (LDem)
80.  Viscount Hanworth (Lab)
81.  Lord Harries of Pentregarth (Cb)
82.  Lord Harris of Haringey (Lab)
83.  Lord Hart of Chilton (Lab)
84.  Lord Hattersley (Lab)
85.  Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town (Lab)
86.  Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill (Lab)
87.  Baroness Hilton of Eggardon (Lab)
88.  Baroness Howells of St Davids (Lab)
89.  Lord Howie of Troon (Lab)
90.  Lord Hoyle (Lab)
91.  Lord Hughes of Woodside (Lab)
92.  Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (Lab)
93.  Lord Hussain (LDem)
94.  Baroness Hussein-Ece (LDem)
95.  Lord Irvine of Lairg (Lab)
96.  Baroness Jolly (LDem)
97.  Lord Jones of Cheltenham (LDem)
98.  Baroness Jones of Whitchurch (Lab)
99.  Lord Jones (Lab)
100. Lord Kennedy of Southwark (Lab)
101. Baroness King of Bow (Lab)
102.  Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead (Lab)
103.  Lord Kirkhill (Lab)
104.  Lord Knight of Weymouth (Lab)
105. Baroness Kramer (LDem)
106. Lord Leitch (Lab)
107. Lord Low of Dalston (Cb)
108. Lord McAvoy (Lab)
109. Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall (Lab)
110. Lord MacKenzie of Culkein (Lab)
111. Lord McKenzie of Luton (Lab)
112. Lord McNally (LDem)
113. Baroness Manzoor (LDem)
114. Baroness Massey of Darwen (Lab)
115. Lord Maxton (Lab)
116. Lord Mendelsohn (Lab)
117. Lord Mitchell (Lab)
118. Baroness Morgan of Drefelin (Lab)
119. Baroness Morgan of Ely (Lab)
120. Baroness Morgan of Huyton (Lab)
121. Lord Morgan (Lab)
122. Lord Morris of Handsworth (Lab)
123. Lord Newby (LDem)
124. Baroness Northover (LDem)
125. Baroness Nye (Lab)
126. Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan (Lab)
127. Lord Ouseley (Cb)
128. Lord Paddick (LDem)
129. Lord Palmer of Childs Hill (LDem)
130. Lord Pannick (Cb)
131. Lord Parekh (Lab)
132. Lord Pendry (Lab)
133. Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede (Lab)
134. Baroness Prosser (Lab)
135. Baroness Randerson (LDem)
136. Lord Rea (Lab)
137. Lord Redesdale (LDem)
138. Lord Reid of Cardowan (Lab)
139. Baroness Rendell of Babergh (Lab)
140. Lord Rodgers of Quarry Bank (LDem)
141. Lord Rosser (Lab)
142. Lord Sawyer (Lab)
143. Baroness Scotland of Asthal (Lab)
144. Baroness Sherlock (Lab)
145. Viscount Simon (Lab)
146. Baroness Smith of Basildon (Lab)
147. Lord Smith of Finsbury (N/Aff)
148. Lord Snape (Lab)
149. Lord Stephen (LDem)
150. Baroness Stern (Cb)
151. Lord Stevenson of Balmacara (Lab)
152. Lord Stone of Blackheath (Lab)
153. Lord Stoneham of Droxford (LDem)
154. Lord Taylor of Blackburn (Lab)
155. Lord Thomas of Gresford (LDem)
156. Baroness Thornton (Lab)
157. Lord Truscott (N/Aff) - former MEP
158. Lord Tunnicliffe (Lab)
159. Lord Turnberg (Lab)
160. Baroness Turner of Camden (Lab)
161. Baroness Uddin (N/Aff)
162. Baroness Wall of New Barnet (Lab)
163. Lord Wallace of Saltaire (LDem)
164. Baroness Walmsley (LDem)
165. Lord Watson of Invergowrie (Lab)
166. Baroness Wheeler (Lab)
167. Baroness Whitaker (Lab)
168. Lord Whitty (Lab)
169. Baroness Wilkins (Lab)
170. Baroness Williams of Crosby (LDem)
171. Lord Williams of Elvel (Lab)
172. Lord Willis of Knaresborough (LDem)
173. Lord Wills (Lab)
174. Lord Winston (Lab)
175. Lord Wood of Anfield (Lab)
176. Lord Woolmer of Leeds (Lab)

177. Lord Mandelson (Lab) - former EU Commissioner
178. Lord Garel-Jones (Con)
179. Lord Grocott (Lab)
180. Lord Tugendhat (Con) - former EU Commissioner
181. Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke (Lab)
182. Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield (Cb)
183. Lord Crisp (Cb)
184. Lord Jay of Ewelme (Cb)
185. Lord Harrison (Lab) - former MEP
186. Lord Watson of Richmond (LDem) - former EU Parliament High Level Group member
187. Earl of Dundee (Con)
188. Lord Berkeley (Lab)
189. Lord Thomas of Swynnerton (Cb)
190. Lord Howe of Aberavon (Con)
191. Lord Teverson (LDem) - former MEP
192. Lord Selsdon (Con)

How our League Table has evolved

First edit - 15 January 2014:
Removed: Baroness Warsi, Baroness Browning, the Lords Dobbs, Strathclyde, Stoddart, Spicer, Howell, Vinson, Lawson, Finkelstein, Owen, Crickhowell, Willoughby de Broke and the Marquess of Lothian.
Moved up: Lord Hannay from 3rd to 1st position, due to references that he plans to table many amendments


Edit - 20 January 2014:
Peers tabling amendments considered as designed to wreck the Bill moved up / added; those backing the Bill removed.
Moved up: Lords Foulkes, Kerr, Roper, Bowness & Baroness Quin. Baroness Suttie, Lords Grenfell, Shipley, Inglewood, Armstrong and Anderson of Swansea.
New entries: Lords Quirk, Lester, Greaves
Removed: Lords MacGregor, King of Bridgwater, Wakeham, Balfe, Cormack, Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes & Baroness Hooper


Edit - 22 January 2014:
Moved up
: from 4th to 2nd, Lord Anderson of Swansea
New entry: at =5th Lord Lipsey


Edit - 23 January 2014:
Moved up
: from 24th to 3rd, Lord Wigley
New entries: at =4th Lord Davies of Stamford, at 6th Lord Deben, at 7th Baroness O'Loan
Moved down: from 5th to 8th, Lord Inglewood


Edit - 30 January 2014:
Moved up: from =4th to 3rd Lord Kerr, from 15th to =11th Lord Turnbull, from 42nd to =11th Lord Triesman, from 19th to =11th Lord Kinnock, plus all Peers who voted for Amendment 9 in order of frequency of interventions in the debate
Moved down: from =5th to =12th Lord Lester, from 35th to 42nd Lord Selsdon, all Peers who neither spoke nor voted during last Friday's Committee Stage (Day 1) debate
Still to be added: Peers not already in the League Table who voted for Amendment 9 and/or intervened at length in the last debate

Edit - 3 February 2014
Added: all Peers not already in the table who voted for Amendment 9, in alphabetical order, with those who spoke against the Bill in the Committee Stage (Day 1) debate moved to the top of those added
Moved up: from =9th to 1st, Lord Lipsey
Still to be added / amended
: Peers who voted for Amendment 50A passed on 31 January & for the Bill's Committee Stage (Day 2) to be terminated at 3pm.


Guide to the League Table by numbers:


1              :  action taken to halt debate, tabled amendments, blatant disingenuousness

                   & disregard for public and Commons backing for the Bill
2-13         : tabled amendments & frequent / lengthy interventions in debates

14 - 26     : spoke against Bill at 2nd Reading, voted for Amendment 9 & spoke against Bill
                    in Committee Stage

27 - 31     : voted for Amendment 9 & spoke against Bill in Committee Stage

32 - 176   : voted for Amendment 9, in alphabetical order

177 - 192 : spoke against the Bill at 2nd Reading


More information:

Our Open Letter to the House of Lords (pdf) answers some of the most common, and most spurious, claims made by members of the House of Lords opposing an EU referendum during the Bill's progress in Parliament. 

EU Referendum Bill documents on the UK Parliament website: